Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have just started to read The Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel by Thomas Monteleone.

I hadn’t intended to read this book. The author’s conversational style drew me in. Before I knew it I was up to page 10 and couldn’t put the damn thing down.

My only gripe so far is the author’s suggestion that some aspects of the writing process are down to the readers ‘intuition’. In my opinion, authors should use the concept of intuition in How-To guides in the same way a Monopoly player would use the ‘Get out of jail free card’: only when in real need.

I am currently reading the section within this book that discusses ‘Best Seller’ lists. I have an inbuilt aversion to bestselling novels; I am not sure why this is the case. I have listened to and loved chart-topping music. I have watched and enjoyed box-office smashing movies. But still the idea of bestselling books irks me.

There are two possible reasons why I don’t like bestselling novels: I am jealous; I am a complete snob. Both of these things could be true.

Or maybe I don't like best sellers because this is what I am told by my intuition?

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