Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Gift Of Greatness

I have this idea for a story that I don’t want to write.

A man lies in bed, tossing and turning, his mind in a state of great agitation, because he knows that life is passing him by and that he has nothing to show for it. His life will end, and no one will remember him.

Then, as if by magic, an angel appears before him, casting its heavenly light upon him, and it offers a gift, which is this:

“You may be any great person from history: Jesus or Beethoven, Mother Mary or Aristotle. Whoever you chose you will be, and when anyone speaks of that person, it will be you whom they are referring to.

I offer you this great gift, this gift of greatness in return of the last days of your meaningless life.”

The man thinks upon this and makes a decision.